Goodbye 2015, Hello 2016!

2015 was an exciting year, it was a year of letting go of fears and exploring new adventures.
I was a part of the Orlando Belly dance Semi-pro team, Showed my artwork, Continued to learn silks and lyra, I also went Skydiving, visited Hawaii (for work), went to Italy (for work), and the most exciting of all was finding out we were expecting a baby girl.

2016 is truly full of the unexpected and unknown for us.  One thing that is known is that our baby girl will be arriving any day now hopefully somewhere around the middle of January.  How will she change our lives? Through all the preparation and planning bringing a new life to this world and becoming new parents is an experience that will truly be a new adventure.

New Years Resolutions

1.) Focus on New Family –
With our baby coming in January focusing on growing our little family is first priority.  Caring and supporting each other and making sure that we have a strong foundation for the future.  Letting go of noise and emotions that will distract and hurt the core of our relationship and love for our child.

2.) Continue to work down debt –
A resolution that has been kept since 2014 was to work on my debt and to have it become manageable and eliminate it.  After getting rid of my credit card debt I want to continue to work of my car and student loans.  As well as pay off Daniel’s.

3.)  Continue to live more simplistically-
Something that I resolved last year was to let go of more material things and to work on living more simplistically.  “Letting go of Clutter”.  For the most part have been able to really think about the purchases I make and to think about if something is really necessary to own.  This has taken a lot of planning but I want to continue this resolution and to continue to get rid of unnecessary items.

Alright 2016…. What are we in for?


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Beautiful Baby ShowerS

Our baby is so blessed, and I am so grateful to have such amazing family and friends.  Though the planning and logistics of who was hosting and where the baby shower was going to be things worked themselves out and thanks to my Amazing Aunt, cousin and mom I was able to share in a wonderful family and close friend baby shower in Melbourne, and thanks to my amazing friends I was also able to celebrate with my friends in Orlando.

Melbourne Shower:
The Shower in Melbourne was beautiful.  My Aunt has the most amazing eye for décor and party planning.  I absolutely LOVED the Christmas Flamingo theme.  I was happy and thankful that I got to share this day with my family and our family’s close friends.

12294663_1207332885961662_4210600406415857432_n 12295328_1207332872628330_7302465674234071908_n 12304054_10207875322269864_5820192056657604342_o 12304278_10207875804241913_2786682829540569094_o 12308351_1207483802613237_6046192325672833224_n 12309748_10207875806441968_2341767096141413043_o 12309896_10207875804561921_3975706479028171468_o 12309909_10207875779281289_4097518387289487827_o 12311169_1207332919294992_7773847431444821519_n 12314637_10207875782521370_6578592590900113224_o 12321281_1207483792613238_6274968844968763414_n 12322747_10207875777601247_6607471706522113280_o 12339292_10207875805121935_7572220533753350825_o

Thank you Aunt Lynn, Mom and Kristin for hosting such a beautiful shower for me!

Orlando Shower:
The shower in Orlando I was extremely grateful to have just occur because there was a lot of unfortunate circumstances that lead up to the event.  But it came out lovely and was really very nice and a lot of fun especially being able to celebrate with some of my best friends.

12345659_992075021870_1803998625280867132_n 12363271_992074707500_6748039399825364036_o 12366049_992074877160_7261575121794630440_o 12366339_546246442196896_7001587171437949113_n 12370846_992074942030_823021446686562071_o 12370912_992074802310_2089665119387141502_o 12371126_992074976960_3645836330095986260_o 12371142_992074732450_931911626860659255_oThank you Melissa, Rachael, Tej and Brenda for hosting a fun and delightful shower for me!


Our baby is already very loved and we are so appreciative to everyone who has supported us.

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Bump Pictures and Where we are Registered!

We’ve registered at SO many places! Tons of options for people to check out Here are all of the links:

1.) Land of Nod

2.) Amazon 

3.) Target

4.) Baby’s R Us®

5.) Buy Buy Baby 

As requested here are all my bump pictures, I stopped taking a bunch after 20 weeks.  I’m pretty self conscious about how I am looking these days… Its a baby I know, but its still hard to not have any of your clothes fit.  Either way here is the baby bumps:
2015-09-02 (5) 2015-09-02 (3) 2015-09-02 (4)2015-09-02 (2) 2015-09-02 (1) 2015-09-02

2015-10-20 (2) 2015-10-20 (1)


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A Gift – That should be cherished and celebrated

We’ve been keeping a little secret (I know this is like the worst kept secret) I’m pretty sure most of our family/friends already know but I figured that we would finally come out and say it. It is official: I’m pregnant!

2015-07-21 (1)

Daniel and I decided last year we were going to try this year. My OBGYN had told me in general it takes about 6 months for someone to get pregnant….This was not the case for us, it must have been a mix of amazing timing and fate. Within the next couple weeks I just felt really crumby and thought it was a good idea to take a pregnancy test.  Being embarrassed to even purchase a pregnancy test – I grabbed the first one that I saw.

I ended up buying the EPT “early pregnancy test” with a plus sign if you are pregnant and a negative sign if you are not.  I hate to say this was so confusing but having never taken this type of test I was completely confused by the results.


I mean what is that?? A Vertical line?! There is no comparison for a Vertical line – what the hell does that even mean? Since I was so confused I decided I needed to get the dummie proof test “Pregnant” or “Not Pregnant” AKA Clearblue Easy. Since something I read online told me that just getting a vertical line could show that I am further along than I thought,  I got one that even estimates the amount of time you are pregnant.  To which I got these Results:


Pregnant 2-3 Weeks.
WOW.  I didn’t know how to react!  Honestly – I was scared! A baby!? A child! I never even changed a diaper!  Daniel said this is something he’s always wanted his whole life, and that this baby was a blessing – a gift.  Things were going to be different now and we are starting a real family.

Since moving through my first trimester and now second trimester I have come to realize how fragile life is and how difficult it is for those who do have issues conceiving, aren’t able to conceive, or experienced loss from either miscarriage or after being born.  Daniel and I are blessed.  We are blessed that we are healthy, we are blessed that we’ve been able to create life and that is a gift.  A gift to be cherished, celebrated, and adored.  I am so thankful that my first trimester went smoothly. We are so excited and looking forward to everything the future has to bring.

So here we are, the next chapter of our lives. We are having a baby.


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2 Years

201304030113a (1)Today marks two years since Daniel and I got married.  Our second year of marriage really tested who we are as a couple, our second year of marriage was HARD.  I haven’t talked about this much publicly but Daniel lost his job back in August, and it took him over 6 months to get hired again.  Through that time he went through a deep depression and I really questioned our marriage. Having a spouse lose their job, and not be able to find a new one is HARD on a marriage.  Let me repeat that, having a spouse lose their job and not be able to find a new one is HARD on a marriage.  We would get in arguments often, and there was nothing I could do or say to get him out of the funk.  Being helpless in a situation where all you want to do is see the other person succeed is frustrating and overwhelming. I didn’t know what to do, what I could do for him or what I should do for myself.   In the end, Daniel ended up going to some counseling to get help for his depression, he also was hired with a position that has a lot of potential for the future with a great company.  We worked through a lot of our issues and were able to make it through a really tough time in our relationship.


When Daniel and I got married some of our dinner tables we had vases that each had submerged orchids with a small piece of a snake plant and some floating beads.  My mom had saved the snake plant, which began to grow a second stem, and then gave it to us.  By the time of our first anniversary the small second stem had grown completely into a new full second piece and a third stem began to form.  This year the third stem has fully formed and a fourth stem has begun to bloom.  The original plant stem now signifies the year we were married and each new stem that has formed and grown signifies for every year of our marriage.

anniversaryI love our little plant, I put it in our living room, where it has a good amount of sunlight and in a place where I can see it often.  Daily it reminds me that similar to plants, a marriage needs care and nurturing in order to help it grow into a strong and beautiful arrangement.  This process takes time, patience, and commitment but is worthwhile to jointly figure out how to work together to create the type of relationship that both partners want. Two people must learn to work together collaboratively, learn to negotiate, and spend time exploring each others values, needs, wants, and beliefs.  Just as with caring for plants, the time and energy expended make for a beautiful future. Just as with a garden, your marriage will only thrive to the extent that you tend it.

201304030111aTo Daniel, my friend, and my love.  Through everything we have been through, you may frustrate me, and I may not always want to talk to you, but I love you and you are my everything.  You make me laugh, even when I don’t want to.  You push me to not be afraid by giving me confidence through my insecurities.  Your a kind and sweet gentleman who treats me like a lady.  You put up with my stubbornness and my selfishness.  You always support every endeavor that I want to try.   You are a caring and all around good person and I only wish that in the future I can be a better wife. Thank you for everything, and I am looking forward to everything that the future will bring for us, because this is only the beginning.


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Driving Around on an Island

It’s an interesting dynamic when you travel with coworkers for a job.  You know someone just well enough to understand their small quirks and passions, but distant enough that they don’t know your full history.  There is trust, respect and a deeper connection then the day to day atmosphere.

I had the honor to travel to Oahu, Hawaii for work and it was an amazing experience.  With limited downtime, its important to just find adventure by following whatever road is not stuck in traffic (Because in Hawaii almost all major roads are stuck in traffic!), or a road that could potentially lead you to the other side of the island – Even if that road doesn’t lead you to your intended destination (Like.. in a scary rural ghetto).

 Dole Plantation – This tacky tourist destination is a great quick pit stop on your way to the North Shore.  There really isn’t much to do there but it has a great gift shop for food items and it is hokey fun.
Make sure while you visit the Dole plantation you get a Dole whip- Pineapple goodness.

Visiting the North Shore – Paddle-boarding, eating Shaved Ice, and seeing the AMAZING botanical gardens with the waterfall.
“Shaved Ice” – or as my co-worker says “It’s just a fancy sno- cone“.  Ok so one would think its just a fancy sno-cone, but its really unique because of the mixture with ice cream, and other toppings.  Something I tried with the shaved ice that I’ve incorporated into my own cooking is sweetened Red beans as a topping.  The concept of red beans as a dessert was not foreign to me since I have often had red bean pastries (dim sum) or red bean ice cream in downtown Orlando but I had never had it as an ice cream topping.  They also had sweetened condensed milk as another topping option.  I ended up getting just the shaved ice with ice cream but I’d be interested to try it all together. 

Snorkeling and visiting in Hanauma Bay- This Bay and nature preserve is probably has the most beautiful water with amazing sea life.  I myself am not a big “snorkeler”- to be honest I hate being submerged in water with Fish anywhere near me.  It took me a good 20 minutes for me to blow up that stupid raft before I would get into the water, which was a little too ‘refreshing’ for this Floridian.   Once I actually got into the water though and was looking around I had a good time.  I do wish we had gotten there earlier.

There are still a lot of things that I want to experience if I get the chance to go back to Oahu.  In the end we weren’t there to necessarily have fun, you’re there to do a job-Being with people you enjoy in an amazing atmosphere was just a perk.  Sharing laughs, taking in the beauty of the island, and experiencing culture different from our own, and I had an amazing time, but in the end, I wished Daniel was there with me.

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Taking the Plunge

Something I’ve always had on my bucket-list was to sky-dive.  I’ve never really had the nerve to just go do it though, but for my friend Victoria’s 30th Birthday she encouraged me to join her and I am so glad that I did.  I held off on buying the groupon until the day before, I decided at that point if I didn’t go I would regret it for a long time.

Something I’ve adapted since turning 30 is to try to do something that scares me everyday.  And by scare I don’t mean fear, I mean do something everyday that takes you out of your ordinary comfort zone and extends who you are. Obviously in the mundane day to day life, opportunities don’t always arise that may ‘scare’ me, but there are always opportunities to push myself and to try something new.  Whether it is new food, a new workout, something in my art etc.

Skydiving was something that not only took me out of my comfort zone – I literally feared for my life.   I was so scared the entire way up, completely freaking out saying, -What did I get myself into?? and screamed like crazy when I first fell out

After flipping a couple times out of the plane, and straightening out onto my belly I felt much more comfortable and not disoriented, at that point I was really excited and having a good time, it was an interesting feeling because even though your falling it feels like your floating, or swimming even.  I was slightly nervous when the parachute opens because I’ve heard of people having whip lash, or it really hurting at that point.  I was also praying that it would open correctly and I wouldn’t fall out. – I didn’t everything was fine.

After the parachute opened I really calmed down a lot.  It was an amazing view so I enjoyed just floating down and seeing everything.  I do have to say this part did make me a bit nauseated only because there would be quick drops.  But I got to check sky diving off of my bucket list and I am so happy that I got over my fear and did it.

Skydiving at Skydive Space center was great because you not only have a view that spans the entire space coast, it also shows all the way to Orlando.  You can see the Space visitors complex, the beaches, Indian River and more, it was surprisingly an amazing view.

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Hello 2015!

Welcome 2015! We celebrated a fun New Years Eve at our favorite brewery The Hourglass.  I made a Honey baked Ham, Collard Greens and Lentils and brought it for everyone to enjoy.  Hope it brings good luck, prosperity and health.  It was funny because I think a lot of people were eyeing the food, it tasted really good so that was nice.  While There we had a flight, and watched  3 horrible cover bands, enjoyed good beer and played Mortal Combat.  After the ball dropped and midnight came we had some champagne and then head back to our house to shoot off fireworks where Daniel’s sister Carina and her boyfriend came over, our neighbor and her boyfriend also joined for a little bit. We shot fireworks until probably 2 in the morning… Luckily no one called the cops on us:-) We then watched Youtube videos until about 4:30.  

I so love my sparkly sequin skirt, and Rocked it last night.

Alright 2015 – What do you have in store for us???

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Goodbye 2014

Today I would like to reflect on the Resolutions I made in 2014 and what I’ve kept, and what I didn’t do so well in. Last year, I didn’t make a resolution I made a promise to myself to try something new.

Here is an update on How I did in 2014.

bad habit I am going to break – Being late.
This year I wanted to stop being late from being unorganized and wasting time looking for things that I didn’t know where they were.  I want to say that I have mostly done much better with this, and the few times I had from being late I was intentionally late to be fashionable (you know fashionably late) I think I have gotten better about this because I’ve realized how it effects other people.

A new skill I would like to learn – How to sew and how to To play the piano
I did not learn how to play the piano however I did sew more than I have previously, especially in making costumes.

A person I hope to be more like – Martha Stewart
I really channeled my Martha Stewart while wrapping my Christmas gifts this year, and I think the quality of my cooking has gotten better, but I still think that I have room to be more polished in an everyday sense and decorating.

A good deed I’m going to do- Be a more loving wife
I still need to work on this.

A place I would like to visit- Caribbean Cruise – I went to the Bahamas for my 30th Birthday so I think that somewhat counts.  But I sadly did not make it to all 50 states before I turned 30. :( I did Drink around the world several times though!

A book I would like to read- One book a month challenge
I listened to a lot more than I have previously This year I listened or “read”:
Steve Jobs
Enders Game
Finding the Next Steve Jobs (Nolan Bushnell)
Mindless Eating: Why we eat more than we should
Is Everyone Hanging out without me?
and I started but didn’t finish Not that Kind of Girl

Although I didn’t get up to 12, I really think I did a good job in at least almost getting there.

a letter I am going to write – Blogging
I still need to work on this however, I did blog more in my other website

A new food I would like to try-  Eat more healthy at home
We did eat at home a lot more, and I brought my lunch to work a lot, in the last month we really have been slacking though.

I will be better at – Paying my bills on time
This I have to say out of everything was the most important and the one thing that I have to say I nailed.  I paid all of our bills on time or early every single month in 2014 and am proud to say I am on track towards my goals in 2015!

Now – What for next year?

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Christmas Card – 2014

Hope everyone had a merry christmas.  We drove around a lot this holiday visiting family and friends.  Looking forward to New Years, and whatever 2015 brings..


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